Kirinda Rebuild Project                                

Clean Earth Capital

Philip H. Bay, Founder
As an emerging value-driven development company, our primary goal is to change the way real estate projects are designed, executed and understood by residents, occupiers, investors and the surrounding community.

Our secondary goal is imbedded in every stakeholder at Clean Earth Capital, the fundamental knowledge that the real estate business negatively affects our shared carbon footprint more than any other single industry on the planet.

Yet, our ultimate and final goal is to change the world tomorrow for the next generation that is dependent on our decisions today.

Step by step and project by project, we aspire to lead by example and deliver non-mainstream building techniques, alternative energy solutions whenever possible, and foster design and material usage that will hopefully inspire the lives of our clients and partners.

We believe that everyone should enjoy life, happiness, success and art while still treating our planet and its citizens with respect.

If we develop, others will follow.